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03 Oct 2017 06:32:05
Wrighty was a great player, but a shocking pundit, Sean Dyche really! In order to challenge for the PL, when Wenger eventually leaves, we need a top notch manager. You only have to look at the three serious contenders this season and you have Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte, who all have top level experience and have won trophies. Dyche has done a decent job at Burnley if getting promoted and relegated is the target, but even Wrighty must recall Bruce Rioch who had a decent managerial record, but was clearly out of his depth when he managed us for one season. We need a top manger such as the three I have mentioned or current Juve boss Allegri or Monaco boss Jardim. Other possibilities with top level experience are Ancelotti and Benitez. Don't forget last season people were suggesting Eddie Howe or Koeman and look how poorly they are doing so far this season. If an attempt is made to sign a younger up and coming manager then my suggestion would be Marco Silva who is doing an impresssive job at Watford. Thoughts fellow Gooners?

{Ed001's Note - are you forgetting what else Dyche has done? Managed promotion while selling his best players to keep the club alive, as it was on the verge of going under when he took charge. Then, rather than spend money on players when the Premier League millions flowed into the club, he spent the main %age of it rebuilding the club's shattered infrastructure, yet still won promotion back. Again, he continued to put the large majority of money into rebuilding and improving the infrastructure while keeping the club in the Prem. He is a far different kettle of fish than Rioch, who was very stuck in his ways. Dyche is always looking for new ideas and input to move the club forward. He plays the way he does because he has to. It would be really interesting to see him get a shot at a club like Arsenal, he could be exactly what you need or be terrible, but he has done far more than 'a decent job'!}

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03 Oct 2017 08:02:17
I wonder how Porto fans felt about that Mourinho bloke getting their managers job, he'd never even played at a decent level let alone managed, same with that Arsene who bloke, I mean what could some bloke who ended up in Japan do for Arsenal?
We all know Scottish football is a totally different proposition to manageging in the English top flight so why would some bloke from Aberdeen be the man to restore Uniteds glory days?
Everyone starts somewhere and David Moyes looked certain to bounce back from his united nightmare Because of the job he did at Everton big Phil looked ideal for Chelsea why wouldn't AVB simply replicate what Mourinho had done at Chelsea too? Who better to replace Pep at Bayern Munich than Ancelloti?
There are no guarantees that someone will succeed or fail anywhere just educated guesses and few would have used all thier football knowledge 4 years ago to invest 2 to 3 million in Harry Kane instead of spending loads of money of the cast iron certain success that was Falco.

03 Oct 2017 09:31:34
I honestly don't have a clue who our next manager should or could be. We honestly don't know even if Wenger steps Down at the end of the two years if he takes a different roll in the club. It would be interesting to know after your overrated managers piece who you actually rate and also how you would use these next two years and who would you be looking at if you were Arsenal ed.

{Ed001's Note - I have added that to my to do list for you. I might even do that next over the international break if I get time.}

03 Oct 2017 09:31:56
It's interesting that when Mourinho was available and I stated that I would love to see him at Arsenal, fans castigated me and when asked for better suggestions they came up with Koeman, Dyche, Howe, etc. All decent mangers of course, but I reiterate at the very top level of the PL nowadays you need a top manager and I would not want to take a risk with someone such as Dyche. It is a long time since the following were first installed as managers: Ferguson, Graham, Mourinho (at Porto) and even Wenger were in a different era, before the emergence of many clubs owned by billionaires and now even countries own clubs. By the way Ferguson and Wenger were already trophy winning managers. Wenger had won the league and cup with Monaco, as well as a couple of cups with Grampus 8. Whilst Fergurson had won many trophies with Aberdeen, including the cup winners cup and super cup, when the Scottish league was much more competitive than it is today. Mourinho had cleverly schooled himself whilst at Barcelona and had a short period as manager at Benfica and another Portuguese club before taking over at Porto. I like Dyche and admire what he has done, but he simply doesn't have the pedigree as a manger to manage a top club such as Arsenal. The current crop of top managers in the PL are amazing individuals, who do an amazing job. Of course there are managers such as Dyche, Pullis, Allardyce, etc, who do great jobs with limited resources, but they are clearly not at the level of Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte, Wenger, Ancelotti, etc.

03 Oct 2017 10:09:50
Also if you don't understand why Arsenal fans would admonish you for suggesting mourinho then you really need your head testing and don't understand football one bit.

03 Oct 2017 10:34:50
In 2 years time will Mourinho Pep and Conte all have been sacked for not delivering at Utd City Chelsea? We just don't know. If Eddie Howe gets Bournemouth into the top 7 in the next 2 seasons there will be many people putting him forward plus managers who right now are completely off the radar will come into the equation too I'm sure.
It's at the very least 2 seasons away and 2 years ago who thought claudio Ranieri would win the premier league with a big club let alone liecester
Arsene won't want to leave in 2 years time any more than he does now because the man absolutely loves football management it's the biggest part of his life from what I can see and Wether your Arsene in or out no one can argue Arsene loves being Arsenal manager, there is every chance he will wish to continue if it's at all possible for him to do so simply because he enjoys it so much.

03 Oct 2017 10:40:56
Sanago - If fellow Arsenal fans would prefer Sean Dyche to Jose Mourinho as manager, then I don't understand the fans. In respect of football, Mourinho is one of the most successful mangers currently managing. To suggest that wanting Mourinho means that to quote 'I need my head testing and I don't understand football one bit', then I suggest you look up Mourinho's record and apologise. If Wenger leaves in two years then I for one, would be more than happy to have Mourinho as manager. Do you seriously believe Sean Dyche is the manager to replace Wenger and compete with the likes of Real, Barca, Bayern, Man U, Man C, Juve, etc?

03 Oct 2017 12:11:47
I actually rate dyche highly I reckon everton will come calling tho.

03 Oct 2017 12:27:04
RG at what price success?
For Arsenal to employ Jose Mourinho as our next manager it would be the ultimate insult to Arsene.
Mourinho success is unquestionably outstanding and he is highly likely to be a success where ever he goes, people say who couldn't do it without loads of money but Porto are far from European giants yet he won the uafa cup and champions league with them.
But he has deliberately tried to be little Arsene on many many occasions often when no games involving his team and Arsenal have been involved.
I do not and have not for a very long time thought Arsene is the man to lead us back to being everything we could be and I don't disagree with Mourinho assessment that Arsene is the only manager at top level who is totally unaccountable for his teams results but that doesn't mean I would find it acceptable for a man who has been so unnecessarily disrespectful to out greatest ever manager to be the one to replace him.
At what price our conscience? At whst price our morals?
In my opinion Mourinho is unappiontable by Arsenal and relegation under Dyche Arsene or Eddie Howe would be preferable to success under Jose for Arsenal football club.

03 Oct 2017 12:43:51
Your changing the goal posts again to try and fit your argument. Did I or anyone say mourinho is unsuccessful or a poor manager! The answer is no. Did anyone on here say Sean dyche no. It was you who said wrighty said that. As always you contort and quite simply lie to try and fit your argument. Arsenal fans don't want mourinho simply because he has spent his time in England ridiculing and trying his games to destabilise our club. So if you don't understand that your either mad or not an arsenal fan at all.

03 Oct 2017 13:12:01
Sean Dyche is a brilliant young manager and has transformed Burnley. He has literally worked miracles. Rg you have your opinion and as I've said before that's all it is but you have been banging your drum for Marco Silva, another good young manager. Dyche has achieved far more than him in football management and that's a fact. I'm sure one day a big club will come calling for both and maybe one day they both may be successful, or not. Only time will tell. I'm with weighty, I would have no problem with Dyche, you only have to listen to him to understand he's got his feet firmly on the floor.

03 Oct 2017 13:18:28
Rg and your opinion of Wright as a "shocking pundit" is really "shocking, he says it as a massive arsenal fan, not pundit.

03 Oct 2017 13:21:01
Bloody phone, " wrighty ".

{Ed001's Note - ah I am so glad you corrected that, I was hurt then thinking you were pointing out how much weight I had put on lately!}

03 Oct 2017 13:44:12
Ha ha ed, I thought I'd better explain. The last thing I wanted is someone accusing me of calling someone obese.

{Ed001's Note - it's ok I am used to it....}

03 Oct 2017 14:03:15
That's what contentment and wife who is a good cook do for you Ed001, if you weren't so happy you wouldn't be fighting the flab mate.
It's just the yang and yang of it all mate :-)

{Ed001's Note - happy? When did that happen? I must have been asleep in that happy moment.....}

03 Oct 2017 14:19:40
Look at that shark like grin in your photo, before you met yiur missus you were like a slapped salmon now everyday your grinning like a Cheshire tiger shark who got the Cadbury creame egg, twice running ;-)

{Ed001's Note - good point, but that was because she took the photo and it was either smile or suffer her wrath.....}

03 Oct 2017 14:20:24
Anyone but Moanio! Feel that strongly about it COYG.

03 Oct 2017 14:55:14
Steve I think you will find that Marco Silva has won more trophies than Dyche. As I have stated if I had to give a young up and coming manager the job then it would be him. Although I believe we need someone like Mourinho.

Ask United fans what they though of Mourinho when he was at Chelsea and they will tell you that they hated him. Now he has turned United round, winning the EL and CL qualification and they look a good bet to challenge for top honours this season and if you ask them now they love having him as their manager. Yes, he wound Wenger up, so what? What Mourinho guarantees you is passion, trophies and excitement.

I am astounded at the support for Dyche to be our next manger, it beggars belief. The guy has done a decent job at Burnley, with 2 promotions to the PL and one relegation. Silva won the Greek league with Olympiacos, the cup with Sporting and league 2 with Escorial. The League and cup were won in the only year he spent respectively at Olympiacos and Sporting. Quite frankly it's pointless arguing whether to have Mourinho or Dyche as manager, as it's a no brainier. The problem is that we missed the opportunity to get Mourinho when he left Chelsea and United have benefitted by winning the Europa League, the League Cup and just to irritate the Community Shield and all that whilst rebuilding the mess left by Van Gaal. Alll this in 17 months. I doubt Dyche could even match Wengers recent achievements.
I love Wrighty, but he is a clueless pundit, even if he backs our club.

03 Oct 2017 15:19:37
What on earth are you going on about RG. Do you not even read the posts.
1. No one has said mourinho is not a good manager
2. Man united fans have not had the same experience as arsenal fans have with mourinho. Mourinho hasn't spent the last ten years trash talking Manchester United .
3. No one above is strongly making a case for dyche
4. No one is saying your crazy for rating silva as a possible choice for upcoming manager.

The thread was about you basically saying wrighty is an idiot for his opinion and said that you don't think much of dyche. And suggest arsenal fans on here are bonkers for not wanting mourinho .

The replays have been for all and ed that

1. Dyche is not as bad as you say
2. That any arsenal fan worth his salt would not want mourinho for very obvious reasons

If you don't understand this then without wanting to get personal but I'm lost for words to best describe you but I'm afraid it is trying to wind people up

Day in day out I see your 8 paragraph post that are nonsense and I have also noticed lots of spelling mistakes and poor grammar and I can only presume it's to get some kind of bite as I have guest that it's a wind up because no one can really believe that stuff who ain't on medication. I'm sure if you do reply that you will diffault to the old I can't understand what your on about regime when you can win the debate. Very similar to when raver beats you hands down you use the 1961 rubbish.

03 Oct 2017 20:47:02
Just for the record Burnley this season, won at chelski, drew at spuds, drew at Liverpool. Little old Burnley already done better than us at the bridge and pool. Over rated manager if you ask me. How can people praise him beyond me. 😁.

03 Oct 2017 23:21:38
Mourinho - no way Jose! Don’t like his disrespectful spiteful attitude nor how he behaved as a manager. Can not argue that he’s a winner nor that he enjoys spending the cash but he’s a winner and adapted to the new money world. There are bits I hate about him but pieces I admire.

I would like a proven manager though.

Sanogo - love your outburst on spellings and grammar especially when you repeat the same issue on your response.

It’s not a grammar site and I don’t like poor English but my posts are perfect when it comes to spellings but clearly are when it comes to being right.

Love the banter and that everyone lives Arsenal in their own way

Hats off to 62 for showing AW a lot of love and respect despite wishing for another gaffer! That’s classy and respectful

Damn international breaks - we always turn on each other

Reminds me that walking dead returns soon!

04 Oct 2017 03:40:44
Mourinho has an awesome record, whilst Dyche has a decent record with Burnley with a couple of promotions, but has also suffered relegation. When Wenger leaves we need someone to take us to the next level and that is an extremely difficult task, which needs a serious manager. Whilst 6th place for Burnley after 7 matches is success, it's failure for Arsenal and the league doesn't usually settle down until around 10 matches, after which injuries, fatigue and suspensions have an effect on the capability of a team's squad.
Sanogo I suggest you don't criticise my spelling and grammar, as explained to you previously predictive text takes over and I don't have time to check my posts. I suggest you worry about your own incomprehensible posts. I obtained an honours degree at City University in Economics, I very much doubt your education reached such a level. As regards my 1961 comments to raver, who could easily be your toot supporting twin, it's a simple put down to his inane comments and clearly gets under his skin, as it should do. If you dislike my posts simply ignore them, it's far less embarrassing for you. The good thing in a debate is to add a sensibly thought out response that stimulates ideas, not just to attempt to put a person down, although admittedly I save that as a response to you and your toot supporting twin.

04 Oct 2017 06:50:28
That's my point your the only one with predictive text? Get a grip.



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