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20 Sep 2017 16:50:19
An interesting question for raver and it is not meant as a wind up. Why did the toot only get 23,000 fans at last night's match against Championship Barnsley, whilst Arsenal will get more than double tonight against League 1 Doncaster.
This doesn't seem the case for league matches, where the toot attendances this season are high.

In last season's EL attendances were also in the twenty thousand bracket, whilst Arsenal will sell almost all the tickets for this year's matches. Yes, I know we have a reputation for quoting the tickets sold, not the actual attendance, as some fans unbelievably don't turn up despite having shelled out for tickets. The fans attitudes seem so different in respect of attending these matches and perhaps raver could shed some light on why they don't attend.

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20 Sep 2017 17:24:15
Well you only have to look at the koln game as an example. A supposed 2900 away tickets but obviously fans didn't turn up and sold there's on as there were loads of koln fans around the ground. But also I was there that night and there was thousands of empty seats. Your also banging on about the bloody milk cup mate. Your at it again firsts charity sheilds then Coca Cola cups and attendances . Your a grade A sad case mate. Why on earth do resort to banging on about the pinkest stuff you can imagine when the real balls of our club trumps the spuds shocking history a million to one. Sad case.

20 Sep 2017 17:38:15
Sanago this was a sensible question asked to raver, which didn't require your usual juvenile semi-literate response. To educate you, if I understand your comment, the host of which is that competitions such as the EL, League Cup and the Community Shield are minor and therefore not worth attending, nor winning. This is absolute nonsense. Last season not only did Man U win the EL, but that qualified them for this season's CL. The League Cup is also worth winning and other than Swansea in recent seasons the trophy has been won by the big teams. As for the Community Shield, it is a match in front of a full house at Wembley played between the League Champions and the FA Cup winners, which gives it status. However, my comment was to ascertain why Arsenal fans attend LC and EL matches, whilst in general Toot fans don't and raver would be able to give the Toot perspective.

20 Sep 2017 18:03:58
Sanago - If you dislike my comments then simply bypass them, opposed to making absurd comments, which are embarrassing in the extreme. Incidentally, according to the official Arsenal site we have sold out for tonight's match. Presumably we are expecting 20,000 Doncaster fans to descend upon the Emirates in order to purchase these tickets for hundreds of pounds off the home fans?
This confirms my comment to perfection, as Arsenal sell out 60,000 tickets for a League 1 team, whereas the toot can't even sell 24,000 tickets for a Championship side.

20 Sep 2017 18:50:50
It's sad and a stupid way to look at things. We are a glorious club with a glorious history and you go on about having the best attendance in the carabotifulwhogivesafudder cup. And I believe the other day you said that this game would give us a good indication as to our depth? Your a bonafide nutjob mate. The fact that you have mentioned that you would spend £150k on a Porsche highlighted the fact that you don't have a clue.

20 Sep 2017 19:10:53
Alas Sanogo clearly I look at football in a different way to you and I probably played to a higher level than you. As for the car, yes I am fortunate to be able to spend £150,000 on a Porsche Turbo and why not, quite why that makes me clueless is beyond any logic. Go on the tell us all what car you drive? A Subaru by any chance?

20 Sep 2017 19:21:37
Get a bloody room you two 😁😁

"Carabotifulwhogivesafodder" lol cracking up 😁.

20 Sep 2017 19:25:03
R. G. I go to games but the league cup is not a seller, a Wednesday night against Barnsley is completely different from last Wednesday against Dortmund in a much bigger competition. It's like Friday nights down the dog and gun if there's a football quiz on it's poor attendance, but if dirty Debbie shows up swinging from poles the place is packed out.

20 Sep 2017 19:43:25
Thank you for the reply raver. However, I was comparing your early round EL attendances last season to ours so far this season and last night's LC attendance at Wembley of only 23,000 to ours tonight, which although it is allegedly sold out I would imagine a few won't turn up, but it willl be at least 55,000. Considering you played a Championship side, whilst we play a League 1 side, it doesn't make sense, ignoring Sanago's daft comments.
I suppose if Dirty Debbie moved her pole to Arsenal territory then we may see a fall in attendances too.
The attendances at Wembley so far have been interesting as you only had in the 20,000s for the friendly against Juve and the Barnsley match. Whereas you had a huge attendance against Chelsea in the 80,000's, which dropped to the 60,000 ish for Burnley and Swansea.



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