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14 Sep 2017 08:41:55
Interesting that Oxlade is sitting on the bench, never mind playing in his favoured central midfield position and collecting £60,000 a week less.

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14 Sep 2017 08:52:10
He came on in 88th minute, so he's getting plenty of game time 😁.

14 Sep 2017 08:58:55
Dags - Not a bad weeks work £120,000 for 2 mins!
Beats raver61's minimum wage pay packet!

14 Sep 2017 09:44:00
Seems to make sense now doesn't RG . Better than he was offered at arsenal we made him work for it in a possition he didn't want. I see where you are coming from now you meant it didn't make sense for Liverpool . My apologies 😂😵.

14 Sep 2017 10:00:15
He's playing champions league football R. G., all you've got to look forward to tonight is Europa league or Eastenders lol, I see ozil is joining Sanchez in the summer and wants out asap and you say spurs are in pain, I really enjoyed our big signings looking world class last night in aurier and Sanchez to make us even stronger than last year. The facts are R. G. we are smashing German heavyweights in the champions league with a class squad and you are smashing German minnows on a Thursday night with a poor squad bar Sanchez.

14 Sep 2017 10:12:23
Let's judge Ox wisdom in May and Lacasette too as I'm sure people were equally questioning his wisdom in joining us as he sat on the bench v Liverpool :-)
Early days boys let's take another look at Lukaku Ox Lacasette and how all the othe players who moved this summer are doing by January before declaring anyone the bargain of the season or the biggest waste of money.

14 Sep 2017 10:34:07
Oh dear raver61 embarrassing yourself yet again. Last season you showed your CL prowess to perfection, demoted to the EL at the group stage and failing at that too. As for players departing, a friend of mine knows Toby Alderwierald and he is extremely unhappy with his low salary at the team of failure and apparently many other players think likewise.

Alli is getting a new agent as he prepares to move on in his career to a team that can actually win something. Danny Rose stated that he wasn't happy with his salary and lack of trophies. At least the Arsenal players have won 3 FA Cup and 3 Community Shield medals over the last 4 seasons, compared to zilch at the toot. Other than a few desperate toot fans no ones will remember or care about 2nd place last season, but our trophy wins are in the history books for eternity.

How much longer will toot fans put up with no trophies? A manager that has been at the club since 2014 and won absolutely nothing, maintaining his 8 year managerial trophy haul of absolutey nothing. As you well know the pain at the lane and Wembley just goes on.1961!

14 Sep 2017 10:39:41
Sanogo, I still haven't a clue what you are harping on about, your use of the English language is odd in the extreme and makes little sense. Perhaps someone could decipher his comment for me. Please don't bother trying to explain yourself Sanogo, as it will only complicate matters further and I have enough to amuse me whilst trying to work out the drivel raver61 spouts.

14 Sep 2017 10:47:29
Raver61 - Pochettino is the 5th longest serving PL manager. He has been managing the toot for over 3 years and has won absolutely nothing, no wonder you are thrilled with last night's win. 1961, yes over 56 years of abject failure.

14 Sep 2017 11:08:52
I can see that you struggle to understand things RG 🤣.

14 Sep 2017 14:33:03
R. G. is biting extremely well at my spurs comments as ye knows his club are finished, ozil has said this morning he'll be walking out on Arsenal in the summer for nothing along with Sanchez as the club are going nowhere. As for champions league failures you are the mighty kings of it, 20 years and you have done nothing but watch Chelsea, Utd, Liverpool lift the big ears trophy instead of you. You have also suffered the biggest loss by an English club in the champions league Las year by losing 10 -2 against Munich lol, I can't wait to entertain that gorgeous wife of yours later while you are over the library watching European dross football.

14 Sep 2017 15:23:36
It's like feeding strawberrys to a donkey, raver.

14 Sep 2017 16:06:39
Raver61 - If you supported one of the big teams such as Man U, Chelsea or Man City, there may be a point in visiting an Arsenal site to attempt to wind our fans up, but these fans are not idiotic enough to do so, as they have won trophies and don't need to. Comparing the toot to Arsenal since the early 1980's is a fruitless task for Toot supporters, as Arsenal have won many trophies during those years, opposed to the toot that have won virtually nothing during the last 30 years, have never won the PL and you have to go back nearly 60 years for your last league title. Last season was your best season since the last false dawn under Redknapp and even then you won nothing, whilst we picked up the FA Cup, followed by the Community Shield. As far as Champions League go we have reached a final and have appeared in it consistently for over two decades. Quite what motivates you to continually make a fool of yourself on an Arsenal site is beyong any comprehension. Even though I could mercylessly wind up toot fans on their page, I wouldn't bother as it serves little purposes and is embarrassing.

Sanago - what level of education did you reach? I fail to understand anything you say. Latest effort 'strawberries (correct spelling) and donkey'. I can only assume you to be raver61's identical 10 year old twin, who sensibly supports Arsenal.

14 Sep 2017 16:21:08
Another strawberry down.

14 Sep 2017 16:40:11
Strawberry fool.

14 Sep 2017 17:36:56
RG61, in all fairness, you correcting ANYONE'S spelling is like ANYONE trying to teach Wayne Rooney how to pick up grannies.

And before you go on some lopsided tangent, here are a couple from your second to last message in this thread:

1. beyong any comprehension
2. I could mercylessly wind up toot fans.

14 Sep 2017 17:50:36
Calm down everyone, I'm all four people connecting each other about facts but when wee start having a go at pebbles spelling and grammer that's going two far four me.
Can't we all just agree not everyone's inglush is sport on as overs.

14 Sep 2017 17:51:18
RSharp - The difference is that mine were a combination of the wonders of predictive text and using a small mobile phone keyboard. Of course it is clear that I wouldn't spell beyond as beyong, nor Mercilessly incorrectly.

14 Sep 2017 17:58:04
RSharpe - Perhaps it's only me, but I can't fathom out what Sanogo's comments mean. In respect of raver61, quite what motivates a fan from a club that has been in our shadow for decades to post on this site, simply beggars belief. I have decided that the standard reply to comments aimed at me from the imbecile from the lane, will simply be answered 1961. This is suitablably accurate and the halfwit twill hopefully understand the futility of his drivel.

14 Sep 2017 18:08:56
RG61, your spelling errors don't bother me one iota. I'm just pointing out, dodgy phone that doesn't have spellcheck notwithstanding, you make as many spelling and grammatical errors as the rest of us.

G62, no clue what you mean, your message was 100% perfect - If I were reading it on RG61's mobile phone.

14 Sep 2017 18:25:34
Nuffin wrong with me fone the spelling mistakes are MINE ALL MINE!

14 Sep 2017 18:29:49
RG61, I'm going to be brutally honest with you because I think you'll appreciate it. Maybe not today, but some day, you will.

Most of the regular posters here seem to get on swimmingly with raver. It doesn't matter if his team have won or lost, he comes in here and either heckles us or takes his dues if his team have lost.

He KNOWS his team haven't won the title (or anything really) in several decades and yet he comes here, takes the abuse and doles it out too.

You on the other hand, repeats the same tired line about 1961. Saying it once is banter, saying it every time you post about him however is just you telling the rest of us that you don't have anything intelligent to say.

With regards Sanogo, all I can ask is, why the f**k would you correct someones grammar or spelling if you can understand it well enough to correct them in the first place?

Oh and I dinnae have any issues understanding Sanogo.

Long story short, he called you a strawberry eating donkey.

14 Sep 2017 19:16:25
Some people show off sharpie . Have you seen his little maths show case. A very discerning individual . And as for Raver he's maybe an idiot but he's our little idiot.

14 Sep 2017 19:25:49
Well in all honesty Sharpie I never read anything intelligent from raver either. Crap about Subaru, too much smoking and drinking. same stuff all the time. Maybe because I'm not English that's why I don't find this amusing. who knows. and yes this is not my first language so I don't give a . about my grammar mistakes😉.

14 Sep 2017 19:28:00
Sharpie you summed R. G. up in your post above, you are spot on that I give banter and when my team gets smashed I'm the first to take all the stick that comes my way. R. G. Says he doesn't understand why a spurs fan comes on this site its called BANTER and many of Arsenal fans are always on our site doing the same thing as me. I like all the posters on this page and other clubs pages but R. G. is the only one I can't get on with.

14 Sep 2017 19:51:47
Raver mate you know as far as I'm concerned your a very welcome assert to our page, as you say you and RG don't get on so why not give each other a wide berth for a bit.
Keep posting Geeza because I enjoy your in put very much but you and RG do both bring out the worst in each other so as they say when the fun stops, STOP.

14 Sep 2017 20:57:56
Don't you start with when the fun stops, I've had hundreds of those leaflets coming through my door due to my gambling addiction lol.



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