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08 Sep 2017 03:02:51
Wenger is at it again in the papers and it's embarrassing.
1) He is saying we will go back in for Lemar in January when it's obvious the player didn't want to join us.
2) He wants the January window abolished, denying fans the excitement of the window and forcing players to remain at a club for the whole season even if the relationship etc has broken down and a team needs new players due to injury etc.
3) He agreed with closing the summer window when the PL starts, which in principle is correct, but it actually makes the sitiuation worse for clubs, as some Leagues start later and their windows close after ours. So they may still sign our players, but we couldn't sign any replacements.
4) He suggest that Oxlade was tapped up when we played Liverpool. Well we ll knew LIverpool and Chelsea were after him and that he was highly likely to go, so why didn't Wenger, who should have left him out against them.
The big question that needs to be answered by Wenger is why the three rebels weren't signed up or moved on and replaced with 2 years to go on their deals. This poor player management has probably cost us at least £100m, which wipes out much of Wenger's careful housekeeping and desire to run the club as a profitable business.
Worryingly Oxlade moved to Liverpool because he wanted to play for Klopp to improve him as a player, which illustrated that Wenger is hardly as inspiration to the players any longer.

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08 Sep 2017 07:30:05
Why would Liverpool need to tap up a player before a game who had made his desire to play for them quite clear all summer and when they are free to speak to his agent anytime they wanted to who inturn is free to speak to the player he represents anytime too.
It's a ridiculous claim that if Liverpool took seriously I'm sure they would report Arsene to the fa and if it was true then I'm very sure Arsene would have reported Liverpool too.
Its just more of Arsene saying anything that comes into his head that he thinks hides our real problems.
He is no stranger to saying silly things no one thinks are true.

08 Sep 2017 07:56:28
Whilst I do agree with you to an extent managers are asked questions and they answer so he has been approached by the press on these. 1) Monaco have stated he wanted to go us or Liverpool. We ballsed up leaving it late. So maybe January why not?
2) many managers hate the January window. Players prices are inflated even more and rarely any club wants to depart with their players but I agree with you I'd like it to stay open
3) why does this make arsene embarrassing. I agree it should've have been changed but 15 clubs was it chose this not arsene wenger. Couldn't they do something like if a player leaves after it closes you can buy one of upto the same value as the player that left. Would that work?
4) I agree he shouldn't have played him. Maybe he really was intent on keeping them. At the end of the day he doesn't have the final decision on these players surely?

And the last one with the contracts it is so frustrating. Is there a chance they did start 2 years ago? Who knows. But this does need to be looked into. Great post RG. Just trying to look at both possibilities although it is bloody frustrating isn't it.

08 Sep 2017 08:44:43
Who what where when? Does it really matter?
Our two best players are leaving for nothing next summer that is the reality of the situation.
Whether people rate Ozil or not is irrelevant he is still one of our top two players it's why he was a regular at Real Madrid and the football world gasped when we signed him.
It's a ridiculous situation but so are many things at Arsenal right now and no one incident is the real problem it's so many things that have accumulated over time that are coming through right now and I'm guessing will continue to do so for a while yet.
We all know we've been papering over the cracks for years and now the paper just won't support the weight of the problems any longer.
The team has some very obvious weaknesses and an extremely questionable mentality the manager is all out of ideas but refuses to accept help from anyone with an opinion, these things can be changed in the future but the rights wrongs of players contracts that could have should have been sorted differently is in the past now and far to late to change.
Surely the only way forward is to do things differently in the future.
As Eienstien once said
" You can not solve a problem with the same way of thinking that caused the problem in the first place "
Makes sense to me.

08 Sep 2017 10:26:53
1. Not sure how it is obvious to you that Lemar doesn't want to join us. Did he (Lemar) make a personal phone call to you?
2. So what? ALL managers want certain things changed and sometimes they transpire and sometimes they don't.
3. He agreed with over a dozen other managers. Again, so what?
4. Liverpool do have form for this (ask Southampton) . I'm not saying it happened and even Wenger is only suggesting it "may" have happened.

There are various people on this forum that dislike Arsene but manage to put forward their thoughts without the bias. I don't see you being one of these people.

08 Sep 2017 11:24:24
I think by far the vast majority of fans who no longer wish Arsene to be in charge of Arsenal football club have absolutely nothing against him as a man Sharpie mate.
I agree one or two overstep the mark regards in questioning him personally opposed to professionally but most people are very capable of separating their views on the man and the manager.
Personally I'd love to have a pint with Arsene as I think he's a really decent bloke and as long as we didn't talk about Arsenal we'd be fine together:-)

08 Sep 2017 11:38:55
G62, hence why I made it a point to say that other people are capable of disliking him AND also speaking about him without bias. The original message of this thread though smacks of someone bringing up points to make the manager look bad regardless of the merit of those points. That's just my opinion.

08 Sep 2017 13:14:20
There were some criticisms of my comments which included the fact that I made points, but didn't suggest any remedies.
1) Don't let players contracts run down below 2 years. At the 2 year stage, either agree an extension or sell and replace the player. It makes no sense to allow contracts to enter the period where the scales tip heavily in favour of the player and ultimately allows them to walk for nothing at the end of their deal. We look like losing over £100m, if Ozil and Sanchez walk at the end of the season.

2) I wouldn't abolish the January window, as a fan it creates excitedment and a mid-season opportunity to bring in players, sell or loan players. I recall the excitement when we signed Arshavin in the January window and I seem to recall him being a factor in CL qualification.

3) All transfer windows should be closed on the same date, when the first of the leagues start. However, closing ours before others simply stops us signing players, but doesn't stop players being unsettled and leaving for other leagues that remain open.

4) We need a new negotiating team as the current team are clearly inep. The Dein/ Fiszman rarely had problems in extending deals, of course there were exceptions such as Ashley Cole, but even then they secured Gallas who was a top CB at the time.

5) Cease Wenger's idiotic 'socialist' wage policy. The better players should recieve higher wages and the lower players lower wages, opposed to Wenger's system that gives far to high wages to players who simply aren't worth the wages and subsequently become impossible to sell. Jenkinson, Bendtner, etc.

6) Get a defensive coach in and allow him a free hand.

7) Stop playing players out of position.

8) Stop playing such a high defensive line which allows teams to attack in behind the defence.

9) Change the zonal making system to a system that is more effective. Of course most defensive systems employ some sort of zonal marking, but players should have a good idea of who they are marking. For example if Crouch and Meretsacker are the pitch, it is obvious that they mark each other when defending set pieces.

10) Wenger needs to coach the players from the touchline and allow Bould to assist. He also needs to stop bending over ad campaign clutching his stomach on the bench.

11) Wenger needs to allow the players more freedom to shoot from distance and to put in some physical challenges, without being fearful of his disapproval. Imagine Roy Keane without the physical side to his game.

12) Sign a tall commanding athletic CB and DM player.

08 Sep 2017 13:26:01
I didn't ask for remedies, I was simply critical of the points you originally raised which have very little (actually nothing) to do with the remedies you have now suggested.

08 Sep 2017 13:56:22
Absolutely you did say most people weren't bias against Arsene mate and basically I was agreeing with you while adding my own way of seeing the Arsene situation.
He is a popular figure with many people outside of the club when away from the pressure of the touchline and the press conference, you only have to look at the 2014 world cup to see the people he hung out with in Brazil to see that and from all I've seen read and heard of him from fans who've met him he's absolutely brilliant with the general public when he meets people.
Nice man just unfortunately not been the right man for Arsenal fora long time now.

08 Sep 2017 15:21:21
Question - if a player doesn't want to extend or wants to wait to see what we do, how's that Wenger' S fault? If FFP means we cannot increase wages by more than £XM - how the F can he give players vastly improved contracts ( Ozil and Sanchez) plus sign expensive players that we all want. he cannot until he sells players, which is exactly what he told us in interviews. Hence he wants FFP to end as others fudge the system.



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