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31 Aug 2017 08:24:40
Today is going to be a dreadful day for us. no doubt more departures with no one to replace! Saying that, Johnny Evans will probably end up staying but why go to a rival club? Haha. I hope something magical happens today but then again the last 10 years haven't been, so why now!

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31 Aug 2017 08:49:11
Please follow through with that! We need some positivity!

31 Aug 2017 09:19:16
Just a question skywalker.
If we all band together with optimism and positivity and hold hands like carebears does this make one difference to the attitides and policies Arsene Wenger implements on behalf of Stan Kroenke?
Does it answer any of the perplexing and frustrating questions that hang over some of the decision making processes that contnue to stunt this club?
The people responsible for promoting and protecting positivity in relation to this football club right now are the silent money hungry owner, lying 'catylist for change' chief exec and deluded closed minded manager.
But you want us to play into their hands and ignore all the gross negligence these people have shown in relation to their roles and the contempt they have shown to us fans who they view as being no more than cattle with cash and credit cards.
Positivity for its sake is one thing but positivity just so you don't have to deal with the problems in this situation is at best counter productive and at worst deliberate PR spinning to ensure the money keeps coming in.
Do yourself a favour, if Arsenal is something you think anout daily and care about, and demand more from your club. Look to get out of it what you invest.
Im all for positivity, let's see some positive proactive, not reactive, action from the clubs figure head and decision maker Arsene Wenger. let's see him back this massive salary up as he's scrutinises inflation and overspending every where else on the game.

31 Aug 2017 09:40:39
I think you don't get it at all shambo. Your taking the positivity idea to an extreme. People who are displaying positivity ain't blind and most I've seen are now same as me fully behind the notion that Wenger should go and fully accept and agree with most you have to say mate. It's the constant venom and repetive bashing day in day out. Most if not all Arsenal fans are at the bottom mate and some would like to try and not feel so down about it and that makes it difficult when surrounded by people whining and moaning ten times a day on here saying the same thing over and over.

31 Aug 2017 09:47:34
Agree 100% Shambo. Are you sure your not my long lost twin.

31 Aug 2017 09:56:20
Think you said it perfectly Sanogo, I too agree with Shambo but you hit the nail on the head.

No matter what happens in this window, good or bad I truly cannot wait for Wenger to go.

31 Aug 2017 10:00:24
After this week things will calm down one way or the other, either people will be excited by someone like Draxler arriving or simply give up if nothing happens.
It's all the second guessing and trying to use logic to understand what should be happening that's driving people nuts.
Once the dust has settled on this window a calm acceptance will replace the disbelief and outrage.
Not long now people.

31 Aug 2017 10:11:44
Sanago really has said how I feel there. I'm not blind st all but the posts on here can be way over the top and repetitive. Wish the eds could do a whole moaning section so I don't have to read the same thing all day 😂 And a
Deluded section so the moaners can avoid us with false hope.

31 Aug 2017 10:24:40
My point is that this is MAINLY a rumours site, or a site for Arsenal SUPPORTERS.

If you don't have a rumour and aren't offering support, what are you doing here?

31 Aug 2017 10:36:15
I've definitely thumbed that Sanogo lad up. Or something like that.

D16, I can't believe you've forgotten to include an obituaries section. Shame on you! 😇.

31 Aug 2017 10:37:09
We seem to be on the same page alright Steve. 😂
Sanogo, maybe I don't get it and maybe you dont. Read my posts, there's never any venom or personal slander or name calling aimed at the people ushering our club into a state of rapid decline. I don't incite anyone else to resort to personal attacks either, I merely try to put proven historical acts of the people in charge of this club into context and try rationalise them, quite often the only way I can reconcile this is to surrender to the fact there is gross misconduct and negligence going unpunished and unaddressed at my football club, my football club that is a global powerhouse in the game but acts and operates like a lightweight for reasons I can't understand because they are shrouded in secrecy and a complete lack of transparency. If I were to compare Arsenal FC to another organisation it would be Scientology. Give us all your money, invest in our ideology, but don't question the authority.
I called Stan Kroenke silent and money hungry. Observe him, research his reputaion and how he is revered by the fans of his hockey team and AFL team. Its not up for debate and its not exactly slander.
Ivan Gazidis is a perpetual liar whos chief responsibility seems to be providing smokescreens and false dawns. Again this football club promote forward thinking and the promise for tomorrow or the next game so that we don't examine the past or engage in retrospective critical thinking. Were any of us to have the time to go back over the last dozen or so transfer windows and highlight the consistant inability to push through deals or conduct ourselves credibly well then I think there would honestly be a mass revolt. But who honestly thinks about the 40m plus £1 Suarez bid or turning our noses up at 34M for Higuain who then goes on to sell for double that to Juve two years later, the failure to trigger first option to bring Cesc back because it might 'stunt' Aaron Ramsey? I could go allday.
The first time these things happen you give the benefit of doubt. Its been 12 years of it now lads.
I don't call Wenger names. I respect him as he has merited. He was phenomenal. But he has driven his own agenda into the ground and us along with it and the further we declined the more closed off and rigid he has become. The idea and the approach he is persisting with is like iv said, counter productive at best and grossly negligent at worst, yet his contracts continue to rise and he continues to sign them.
Its my belief that if this false positivity rhetoric had been abandoned after the first 5 years of this carry on then we wouldn't be where we are now. All the WKBs could find their voices to give him the platform to plough on with his own rigid ideals but couldn't take the time to challenge them in a respectful and thought provoking way. And where are we now.
Arsene Wenger hasn't known best in over a decade. He monopolises the decision making processes of this club and acts in nunerous roles, doing none of them to the desired standard that will facilitate progress or meaningful change.
They don't even sigm players to give us a boost or for positivity reasons so don't give me the big spiel about getting behind a idealism that condsiders us fans as insignificant when it comes to their actions.
Life is short, Arsenal at this point in time will make it shorter for you.
Enough is enough now.

31 Aug 2017 10:45:23
Stepford fans you mean Skywalker :-)
Football is 100% dependant on fans passion and participation to survive and flourish.
Once a sport loses fans interest it's days are numbered and it's the same for any club too, I know former very emphasiastic Arsenal fans who have drifted away from the club and football simply because they became totally disillusioned by Arsenals lack of ambition to be more than 4th place make weights.
If the club are passionate about being all they can be sooner or later the fans will disappear as people following through force of habit only last so long.

31 Aug 2017 10:58:06
I am supporting my club.
Supporting its dire need for change by highlighting the utter state of neglect it finds itself in and by not allowing past instances of this neglegence to be disregarded purely for the baseless promise of future glory or 'catylists for change'.

31 Aug 2017 11:03:36
Shambo no one is disagreeing with, Sanogo is saying we are not BLIND but I'm guessing like you, we don't have the finances to do something about it.

I'd be more than happy to vent my feelings at the end of or prior to a game but not during it, our team needs all the help it can get.

Wenger really is, I'm sad to say, a busted flush but me voicing that over and over again on here achieves nothing but make most feel bloody miserable if we're not hacked off enough already.

31 Aug 2017 11:17:25
Like I say shambo your not really saying a lot wrong. But I believe you said it yesterday and the day before! Loud and clear mate . We're in a unique situation at our club where as I believe that Wenger won't be pushed or sacked so I think our hands are tied which is a discrace but I'm just trying to look to some kind of hope but it's hard mate.

31 Aug 2017 11:26:56
Shambo, I'll try and put it another way. Just because all of us don't react to a situation in the same way doesn't mean we aren't feeling the same things.

A hypothetical here: After two years of miserable weather, the sun finally comes out and it is a glorious day.

Ed025 will be thinking about all the barbecue he'll eat and all the Southern Comfort he'll wash it down with.

Steve. r will invariably moan about the colour of the sun, the fact that it's too hot, and that he hates the sound of birds chirping.

Raver will be allowed out to play in his blue Fisher Price push car that he so cutely calls his Subaru.

In short, they'll all enjoy the day in ways that brings them joy.

And on the flip side, they all also deal with angst in ways that makes sense to them.

31 Aug 2017 11:45:47
Ok, the last part of my message should have also included:

Most of us would go to watch Ed025 stuff his face or even Raver zipping about in his little blue car. Almost none of us want to hear steve moaning though. (Steve this is just a hypothetical so no offence meant)

And that's how most here feel when they hear the same things over and over again. They aren't blind, they aren't deluded, they aren't saying you're wrong.

31 Aug 2017 12:01:32
I hear you bro. Maybe I need to step away from my own rigid principles and ideals.
That post has changed my mood!
I just struggle with the lack of inclusion and the lack of respect I feel as a fan. Even things like the Mbappe interest seems deliberate purely for season ticket renewals.
I see Mahrez is off to Chelsea. Another who wanted us but we wouldn't follow through on. Ah well, heres to getting behind our new manager in 2019!

31 Aug 2017 13:24:55
Shambo, don't change a thing, you are an excellent poster and like you say, you don't get personal. Look forward to reading your immaculate posts.

31 Aug 2017 14:12:04
I think he posts some very good points myself steve. As do you.

31 Aug 2017 15:00:21
Shambo definitely does make very good points. His posts are always coherent and he obviously puts a fair bit of thought into them. Not a fan I'd like to see so disillusioned that he stops coming on here.



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