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18 Aug 2017 20:30:40
I getting to a point where I wants to do well so just some of the fans here give it a damn rest (being polite here)
You go on about the money, oh spend the bloody money but when we are ready and not care on lossing such players for free just to prove we are capable this year you all start taking about bad management and loss of money. Its not your money to care about when you want to spend it when you don't . Just let it be and see the out come.
Its not about having an opinion any more its about who can bit** more about it.
Its always the same damn story, the same damn moan its just becoming a little boaring tho.
Do you want to have an opinion, have where it counts.

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18 Aug 2017 20:41:31
You have my vote moe 👍🏻.

18 Aug 2017 20:50:21
if I was confident next year of replacing ozil ox sanchez if they to on a free sure let's do it. but under this owner and board no chance we will struggle badly. i'm all for the big wages but seem we have offered them too late on.

wenger my expect with these we can win the title they will sign deals and life is lovely but I can't see it.

so I feel if there going get top money and go again.

18 Aug 2017 20:53:35
Well said Moe.

18 Aug 2017 20:54:41
It's been a long long time since we were involved in the title race Moe so people need a reason they can think " ok i can see why it might be different this time round '
Beat Stoke and Liverpool and people will start to come round.
The club and team need to show the fans it's worth getting excited rather than simply relying on a new season doing it for them.
The club need to start earning the fans optimism back again rather than simply expecting it as a right.

18 Aug 2017 21:37:12
Too true gunner. A lot of making up to do.

18 Aug 2017 23:04:36
A win at Stoke we're they are thinking 100% about football and not beach balls would be a very impressive result for us Steve.
They don't like us at all and thier fans don't like Arsene even more and demand their team do all they possibly can to humiliate us best they can.
A draw for anyone at Stoke is no bad point for us that bit more so a win with all hands on deck from both sides? Would be impressive and make the trip to Liverpool that much more exciting.

18 Aug 2017 23:23:56
Derby, what make you think if they sold for top money they going to use that money. I would rather lose them for free next season then selling and replacing them this season.

G62 and steve, fair enough the fans feels they want a reason to come around again, but keep going on about the same things ain't going to change it. You say beat stoke and liverpool and the fans will start believing again well wait and see until the full team is back and judge or moan or whatever you want to do. Even tho lose the next game and the same fans will be on at it once again.

Last season we were crying for Lacazette and powerful LB we got them that's an improvement already. This is Mustafi next season so he knows what to expect and honestly I rate him, same with Xhaka ok steve he's not Kanty but get over it mate, we all wanted this midfielder that not scared to tackle and we got one, you going tontalk about his red cards check out Veira when he started with us, this is Xhaka second season.

Just wait, see how this weekend goes and the next, wait until the transfer window shuts, we will have a better idea of the team.
Sorry for the rant but this page it's becoming very repetitive.

19 Aug 2017 09:54:55
Moe I'm very very open to being wrong mate and i would be impressed by 3 wins in our first 3 games.
So much of what I've read this season from people who are optimistic about what we can achieve seems to soround Xhaka becoming everything people hoped he'd be when he arrived.
Let's see if both Xhaka and Arsene can Silence their doubters by mounting our first title challenge in over decade, finish within 5 points of the winners and me Steve and the other nay sayers will be proven wrong over a season.
There surely has to come a time when even Arsene has to do more than simply talk a title challenge and actually deliver one.
I appreciate your bored with the negativity Moe mate, so am i, I want to be excited by Arsenal again, I want that feeling of not being able to wait for the next game to get here again I want to be checking out the fixture lists looking where Utd City Spurs Chelsea might drop points, surely that's how it should be for a club like Arsenal most seasons and if not certainly atleast some seasons, but it's been a very long time since the title race run in was applicable to us.

19 Aug 2017 10:44:27
belter of a post 62.

19 Aug 2017 12:01:24
Spot on 62 but let that be the end of it. 😂😂😂😉.

19 Aug 2017 11:52:03
Gunner we get this every year around this time and bit by bit most realise their optimism is misplaced. Like you I want to be proved wrong but until that time my rose specs are in the case. Plus this apathy was always going to be slow moving when it was decided the boss was staying and so were his ideas. A new man in would have boosted every body to start with at least. With Wenger the mood has to be changed not promised, that doesn't rub with people any more.

19 Aug 2017 13:28:17
Steve, I'm with you on having the new man in charge but what can we do now, the ship sailed mate for at least another 2 seasons. So what now we keep going on about it? No. We have been promised this year will be a better year, so let's wait and see how's the next two games go and when the transfer window shuts and than if nothing going as planned I will be there with you criticising the hell out of wenger and the team if they don't preform to Arsenal standards.
We are all in the same boat, we want the best for the arsenal I have no doubt, I'm not saying put on those specs and be optimistic I'm saying give it a rest on the negativity and talking the team already. Sure you have every right to speak your mind but don't your mind a little board from the same tune. Just saying mate. And this is not directed to you I'm talking In general.
G62 Xhaka is staying and is in the starting 11 we like it or not for the moment therefore I'm hoping he will do better and be the beast in the midfield rather than slating him for now. I want to impressed and nervous when we play and its going to take time but I'm monitoring the time and hoping for the best.
Dags mate, what the hell happened to your jokes, they were silly and sometimes not funny 😜 for sure but you got distracted from it all 😂.
Seriously guys no disrespect to anyone opinion.

19 Aug 2017 15:27:36
lets hope he rests a full 11 for the europa league and let's see how far we get. later stages maybe take it serious if we are in it. at the moment I see ac milan as favourites for it. let's go all out for the league.

19 Aug 2017 17:21:35
Moe, you tell me to give it a rest on all the negativity. That wears a bit thin with me. My post are my thoughts and regardless of what a few people say, not all negative. People choose to pick up on the negative and that's their problem not mine. I don't look at it as negative or positive just what people think. I think there are some people on here that are positive to the extreme that it's not interesting, just boring same old bright future but I don't slag them off or constantly tell them they are boring me with their ideal optimism. I either ignore them or respectfully reply to them, with my take on their opinion. People may or may not find my posts boring or whatever, I can't help that but some actually agree and that's where it called opinion. People gloss over my positive posts shall we call them, again that's their perogative. People slagged lanesra off on here recently and to be honest I found that awful and he's a poster who doesn't give it back and his posts are different. He tried to be a bit off the wall and give a bit of humour and was as far as I'm concerned hounded and bated. My pet hate is people who spend their time dissing the person and not joining the debate with decent posts, positive or negative. Sorry for the rant. Some of us have been posting for years and understand where we are coming from and we respect their thoughts, don't always agree but we reply to each other's posts with excellent replies that reflect their thoughts and we add humour as well. That's what it's about.



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