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17 Aug 2017 08:19:39
I find it laughable reading media statements and some things on here regarding Wenger and his stance on Sanchez, Ozil and Ox. For as long as I can remember, fan and media outcry has been for Wenger to "Spend some money". His reluctance to do so was perceived as a lack of ambition, or a desire to run the club as a business as opposed to a sporting team eligible of competing at the very top.

Fast forward to today, he is making statements to suggest he would rather keep all 3 and risk them leaving on a free in 12 months, valuing their contribution on the pitch over potential financial gains. In my mind, he is basically spending (or losing) 100 million with this tactic, and all I want to do is applaud my manager. As a fan, money does not interest me, I would not be applauding him for earning 50mil for Sanchez. He is finally doing what all fans have wanted him to do for years, focus on the football as opposed to the bottom line. And he is basically ridiculed for this, being highlighted as a fool for losing such money. More so by the media obviously, but I find it ridiculous.

I am very excited for the season ahead, and will not hold an ounce of fear in my mind about losing money at the end of the season. Instead, I will enjoy watching my team, inclusive of the aforementioned trio, and hopefully have some memories to last forever.

Peace Out handsome Goons.

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17 Aug 2017 09:09:19
Is this what you truely believe Lefty?
I say good on you if so.
But I for one won't be subscribing and writing Arsene Wenger any love letters based on what I've observed going as far back as the Ashley Cole departure and right up to the present day failings to convince a top player like Alexis Sanchez that we are a club who can match his determination to acheive without having to point out a signature on a contract that reminds him he legally is still ours for another 11 months.
I respectively doubt you were against him selling Van Persie for 24m in similar circumstances when he left. You probably thought it was shrewd under selling our best player in his prime to a rival we were already lagging behind whilst we actually had a weaker squad then than the one we will inevitably have in a few days when one of, if not ALL THREE of Sanchez, Ozil and Ox depart leaving you with the likes of Walcott and the unsellables on astronomical obscene wages for what they contribute.
Oh and if we do keep them do you expect to see lung busting displays towards the seasons run-in whereby their agent will be telling them to not risk potential injury that could scupper and big move and pay day. and this is assuming they have the integrity not to sulk as soon as september.
Expect a transfer request from Sanchez next week.

17 Aug 2017 09:21:22
Lefty - I fear that it's a negotiating tactic of Wenger's, as I can't believe he will let all three players walk for nothing next season. My gut feeling is that Ozil will sign a short extension of a couple of seasons or so on huge wages. Whilst Ox and Sanchez could be sold. I pray I'm wrong.

17 Aug 2017 09:37:15
I see your point and I'm absolutely sure you wouldn't mind if Jose allowed Pogba De Gea and Matta to all have 1 more reluctant season at Utd then leave with for free simply because utd would come up with the cash for equal or better replacements regardless of the cost and Jose wouldn't hesitate to spend Uniteds money on bringing in those equal or better replacements.
Unfortunately it's impossible to compare United and Arsenal or Jose and Arsene.

17 Aug 2017 09:53:29
Here we go start of the season 1 game 1 win and the mental rot has set in amongst the fair weather gooners I see. Can't wait for all the mongos to start flying banners again or moan when we let a goal in a 3-1 win or call Wenger stupid for making his sub in 71st min instead of the 53rd min as the arm chair managers were screaming for. I can cope with the moaning after it goes wrong but all this is frankly laughable. Il reserve judgement on Wengers behaviour over the contract 'rebels' until the window has shut and we see where they end up. I for one agree that they should stay and work their contracts.

17 Aug 2017 10:40:23
Mental rot?
I don't see any denigrating personal references, any unfounded negativity or otherwise counter productive content in anything that's been said here. If you want to ignore a recent history based on a board and managers pre ordained idealism then by all means, continue down your road.
If you are uninterested in critical, objective thinking based on a retrospective analysis of the recent history, say last ten years, of how this club and Arsene Wenger has conducted itself both on and off the field but would rather look ahead blindly to 'the next game' or 'the coming season'in a manner befitting that of an ostrich sticking his head in the sand while his environment around him is evolving, then it is basically redundant debating the point with or expecting any less fron you.
There are two people we are told to unequivocally not question. When they rear us we are then free to question everything once its done with reference and respect. Even the most bullish of employers is not closed off to this aspect of life as it us xounter productive and kills initiative to be otherwise inclined. You won't be surprised to hear Arsene Wenger ain't my daddy and I pay good money to travel to watch my team and intend to do it after this good man has moved on in his life, and ill have my say and if you want to debate it properly we can go back through any amount of the many questionable decisions this club has undertaken on many occasions.
I say club because we never know whether its wenger or the board who make these calls and that's aswel how they want it, no one party to be held accountable.
This is why fans go mad at blind short term thinking because it stunts us long term. Can you understand this?

17 Aug 2017 10:44:09
Hahahhah. and work for their contracts? Do you mean like Theo and co who we can't give away now because of their salaries?
I could refer you back to anything youd like.

17 Aug 2017 11:07:10
The thing is untied have addressed many of thier weaknesses and are looking to add Gareth Bale while we haven't and are looking to add?
Who can question uniteds and Jose desire to be all they can be while most Arsenal fans are pinning all thier hopes on Xhaka coming good.
Some Arsenal fans are desperate to see our club and manager be as desperate as us to be all we could be again but I do admit most are happy to continue as we are.
I want an ambitious Arsenal with an ambitious manager and I want those ambitions to have premier challenging at the very heart of them but I accept that isn't the case simply because there isn't the strength of feeling from club manager or even the majority of the fans to make it happen.
Things are what they are and I accept that but I don't agree with it.

17 Aug 2017 11:31:49
I'd prefer to look to the future and except that Wenger is here for two more years instead of moaning about things that have been moaned about time and time again. Read your post and look back over the past two years and the exact same posts has been done. It's been done to death your not adding a new topic or a different angle just mulling over same thing . It's called ruminating and it's not productive.

17 Aug 2017 11:52:04
Manchester Utd are a serious threat this year gunner. Mourinho is hungry.
City are an obvious threat and Guirdiola will be also determined to prove himself.
Conte is losing his mind after one defeat already and will look to reinforce and defend their title with what is a serious defense.
Klopp has Liverpool pressing well and looking like theyl score bundles but they are as error prone and as naive as us defensively for its a shoot out between us and them for 4th along with a spurs team that if it were to lose Dembele, Kane or Alli would be in serious bother and there's a reason why Walker left and Rose wants a move. They peaked last year.
Lacazette will bang them in for us but we don't have the resolve to go 38 games and come out on top. Measure the hunger and desire, the energy and enthusiasm of our rival managers against our own and don't try tell me its not important and doesn't translate onto the pitch.

17 Aug 2017 12:08:48
Of course you have a very good point and if that was purely my line of thinking I would be embittered to the point of wanting to be proven right at the expense of the manager and my team.
However its not the case here. I am looking to the future. But I have to evaluate logically all the components that are dependant on certain realities coming to fruition. All the same mechanisms and key personnel that have conducted the clubs affairs in the recent past are still in place and have been in place long enough now to be judged based on what their goals and ideals are, so how do you expect anything different at this point? Especially from a man who evades responsibility and the tough questions that must be answered in his role, a rile he himself is paid very handsomely for don't forget.
Im all for optimism but surely it needs a basis or rationale behind it and in our case at this time of the season we are all asked for blind faith based on the premise that our players will have evolved over the summer and that circumstances relative to injuries, refs decisions and unfortunate cup draws won't conspire against us while the 5 teams that finish ahead of us with hungrier, fresh innovative thinking managers are strenghtening even still. How do you reconcile this?
As I've said you are correct and some ways of thinking and agendas have been done to death, not least Arsene Wengers methods and they should bear up to this same scrutiny youv pointed out, if you really want to talk about ruminating and a lack of productivity.

17 Aug 2017 12:54:53
I don't think there should be any planes or demonstrations this coming season no matter what, change was in very much on the agenda last and the majority of Arsenal fans decided they were happy to continue as we are, I wasn't one of them but I do accept the will of the majority so for the next two seasons I accept Arsene is our manager and we will likely carry on as a club as always under his leadership.
I hoped and still hope he would come good but there is very little sign of that happening as yet, am I suprised? Not at all it's exactly what I expected and why I wanted change in the first place but I am disappointed because I like Arsene Wenger the man very much and would really like to see him come out on top but I would also like to see England win a world cup and a team from the 9th tier of the football pyramid win the FA cup but as much as i'd like to see Arsenal win the premier league (or even get within 5pts of doing so would be nice) England win the 2018 world cup and Wisbech town FC lift the 2018 FA cup after beating Manchester united 8 0 at Wembley none of them are really going to happen.
I rate England and Arsenals chances top place glory in 2018 as pretty well matched the Wisbech ting? Now that could actually happen :-)

17 Aug 2017 15:08:42
Is there a yawn emoji I can't seem to find it?

17 Aug 2017 15:50:18
After you by all means Sanogo.

17 Aug 2017 15:53:11
Along with a decent intelligent reply.

17 Aug 2017 16:04:09
My pleasure 62 😘.



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