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29 Jul 2017 19:32:08
So Wenger says players have to be professional and not put their employers in suspense in whether they want a new contract or not.
The old geezer forgets how long he kept the club in uncertainty. Hypocrisy!

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29 Jul 2017 19:45:36
Well he is getting on and the old memory goes you know.

29 Jul 2017 20:22:46
Pretty sure Wenger respected his contract

Not sure Alex is - Wenger is asking for the same

Why dig at Wenger?

29 Jul 2017 23:40:54
I don't get all this have a go at Sanchez for having the ambtion to challenge for top prizes! He's proved his hunger while the club and the rest of the squad hasn't matched it so we part company, why complicate it . Arsenal and Arsene don't think success is measured strictly by being competitive in the top competitions Alexis does, we are not compatible at this moment in time and Sanchez at 28 only has now as in 10 or 20 years hopefully the club will still be going strong in the football world but Sanchez will be well retired by then.

30 Jul 2017 06:05:43

If Sanchez wants to go somewhere and win stuff as he sees no future here then I have no problem with that but don't be yet another utter tool about it.

At this moment in time a guy that is supposedly made of granite has been behaving like a wet blanket.

That is just pathetic. Simply say you want to go and go.

30 Jul 2017 08:39:08
The bloke wants out and we don't want him to go so he is trying to force the issue, is his behaviour right? No of course it's not but people don't always show then self's in their best light when they get desperate.
Personally I think the club should accept he doesn't want to be here and accept his reasons for that, Sanchez has stood out head shoulders Knees and toes above any one else in giving everything he has to make us competitive and it's got him no where so he's given up.
We can all fault his methods but not his reasons, desperate and unhappy people don't always go about things in a way they are proud of later in life they make mistakes through their desperation.

30 Jul 2017 09:03:25
He wants to go or not, he signed a contract and he should respect his contract as the club do. We don't say oh you dropped on form so we can't pay you the same.
If he really want to leave put in the transfer request and F off. End of really.
But all the story we have been reading might be bullshite.

30 Jul 2017 10:09:32
I agree with the bit he should put in a transfer request Moe 100%, I'm sure there are financial reasons he doesn't want to do that but he should rise above those and back his own reasons above money.

30 Jul 2017 10:50:58
well 62 mate, he can't have it all his way I guess. For me every player is replaceable. Look at juve they sold bogba who was amazing for them, and then this year they sold the trouble maker in the dressing room bonucci so the team won't have any distractions or bad vibe.
Yes he carried us last year but he is not arsenal.
I know our argument is will we replace him but I have the feeling we already have the replacement awaiting.

30 Jul 2017 11:25:10
I think it's a case of simply accepting Sanchez has joined other good players who have simply given up on Arsenal in the past and rather than being bitter about it accepting our part in their wanting to be elsewhere and making sure we change ourselves to stop it happening again and again in the future.
No one can change the past but the future is all to play for.

31 Jul 2017 07:20:07
Stoners post is on the money. Well said mate.



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