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18 Jun 2017 20:00:08
On Theo Ox Gibbs Ramsey Jack Jenks would they and us all better off parting company for the simple reason they are all always just one game away​ from the majority of fans calling for them to be dropped simply because of their poor runs in the past.
Any one of them is capable of coming in and winning fans over for a short space of time with a great game or two but one bad game and the calls for them not to play the next game all start again.
If they went elsewhere they would get a fresh start with fresh fans giving them a bit more patients for a while at least and like wise for us any new signings would get a bit of grace these lads have used up with us many times over.
Example Xhaka had a much worse season than Theo but few want Xhaka out yet while Theo had his best season ever for us but is still unpopular.
It might end up costing us a few quid to part company with some players but i'm pretty sure we could get fees for Ramsey Ox and probably Gibbs to which would more than offset any compensation it might cost to shift Theo and Jack.
We need fresh faces and they all need fresh starts so I think it would be good for all long term.

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18 Jun 2017 20:29:08
I think the ox and ramsey still can influence the team. Something they showed after the change of formation. I think both og them were impressive almost the entire run-in.

Gibbs and Theo om the other hand I can't see them having a bright future at arsenal. Kolasinac coming in will limit gibbs options. Walcott can score goals but he doesn't influence the game as much as ox.

18 Jun 2017 21:51:58
You are right gunner, people only see what they want to see and xhaka has been totally underwhelming and he's been excused because he is new. Theo has scored more goals from wide than any league player I can think of and he's no good. I can accept peoples lack of tolerance with theo, he is frustrating but he delivers when he is hot and fit. he's suffered from being injured and that's been his lead weight. i think if theo went to another team ( I don't think he will ) and they played to his strength he would flourish if he stayed fit.

18 Jun 2017 22:23:22
I think they would all probably do ok at new clubs and some probably really well Steve mate, which of course would​ lead to people saying why did we sell them but that's par for the course with lots of players and lots of clubs.
The thing is with Arsenal they are all marked down as unreliable by large sections of fans and have become used to having good patches but not seasons, do they all expect stick? Of course they do because the fans want us to be contenders again and all the time were not they will revert to giving stick to those they've been watching undeeachive for a very long time now.
If Xhaka turn it around by the new year he will be written off exactly the same as the rest but for now people will continue to hope he turns out to be all they thought he might be when we signed him.

18 Jun 2017 23:22:42
I don't think Theo helped himself with his contract negotiations. You have to be a star to get away with that.

I agree - his goal tally this season is impressive and if he can stay fit - who knows.

Hoddle was tough on him but he had a bit of a point - he doesn't have the best footballing brain which let's him down. With his pace and finishing, he should be doing a lot better than he is. When you add his time with the club and contract demands - people get frustrated

I thought Theo would shine with Ozil at his best but dip in form and injuries mean we haven't seen this work out yet.

With team's playing 3 at the back or 5 when defending - Theo should be our special weapon but I feel he needs spacecraft to run into rather than play thru the packed defence. He really struggles there.

Good super-sub when's legs are tired and space to exploit.

18 Jun 2017 23:26:44
on Granit - he's been honest and said his had a poor start .
He had a better finish to the season so I will cut him some slack.

Steve - you have a hard on for Kante so you will always see the worse in him. I have always seen the potential in him and trust the scouts, let's see how his second season works out then judge.

19 Jun 2017 01:12:33
Sy, for the money we paid he is not the player we thought he might be. He is another player on our books who isn't suited to the prem. Yes he may improve next season but he will have to. Yes I said last summer we bought the wrong player and we did.

19 Jun 2017 16:35:44
Got to agree with Steve here. As much as I like the guy, and as much as other fans defend him - Granit has been absolute dog turd. Credit to his goals though, he's scored two scorchers.

Also, Walcott's stats have been good enough to get him into any PL team, it's just a shame about the injuries once again.

19 Jun 2017 16:40:05
I think fans want to see players who play their heart out. Welbeck doesn't score as much as Theo but every time Welbeck plays, you see it in his face and in his movement that he wants to help the team with all his heart, he wants to do his best to help the team.
Theo is too casual and earns too much. He is a fair target and should even get more stick for not putting in work to fulfill his potential, remember this is the same guy who was supposed to be Henry's heir. We expected much from him he has delivered almost nothing.

19 Jun 2017 16:59:33
So Walcott has one maybe two good seasons and everyone is happy! He hasn't been good enough since we signed him, I have a dog that can run doesnt make him a good footballer.

19 Jun 2017 20:41:11
Theo should have played down the middle years ago as he was always a luxury winger, no coincidence he's had his 2 best seasons when player in the position that suits him best.
Henry himself was no great shakes as a winger, if Theo had played down the middle aged 21? We will never know but it was always the right place for him to play simply because of the things he was and wasn't good at.

{Ed025's Note - he is decidedly average wherever he plays for me G62, shows glimpses of talent at times but flatters to deceive, and please dont mention him in the same breath as thierry mate..

21 Jun 2017 06:31:50
Fair comment Ed025 mate, but I do think if he'd been played down the middle at an earlier age he would have had a more productive career mate.
His finishing isn't top notch but neither is it awful and his pace running at people with a little more composure and experience in that position? Who knows.

{Ed025's Note - he lacks composure for me G62 and his decision making is not the best either, im not saying hes a bad player but would you want your attacking threat to depend on him?, i happen to like the lad and think he can contribute but as a squad player mate..



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