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07 Jun 2017 01:21:06
All these rumours of Mbappe cause wenger is in Nice. Could it be possible he's looking at Jean Seri? More likely then Mbappe?

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07 Jun 2017 08:15:16
People like to get themselves excited by the prospect of signing players who have lots of options but unfortunately it usually ends up in disappointment simply because rival clubs or players current club can offer either or both higher wages or more chance of big trophies.
I would be looking at players just below those other big clubs radars right now, Payet cost West ham 10m Kante cost Leicester 5m two seasons back and I think both would have chosen us over West ham and Leicester if we'd gone fur them but we were to busy waiting for Benzema and Higuain to change his minds and join us.
Let Utd City Chelsea Barcelona Bayern Juve Real fight it out for the hottest most expensive prospects and consentrate on the battles we have a real chance of winning and who knows next summer or the one after that we might look a lot more attractive to really top players than we do at the moment.
I'd rather see us spend 20m each on 5 good players who will improve and bring in serious competion for places throughout the squad than spend 100m on one player or a kid who might or might not be brilliant in the future.

07 Jun 2017 10:56:37
Look what happened to the other child prodigy from Monaco who had a good season and came for big money to the EPL! What is his name again? Oh yes martial. I wouldn't be against mbappe but we need a few others as well. But it's all Purim the sky I'm afraid.

07 Jun 2017 11:23:03
Martial for me will never live upto the hype. Two kids and divorced at 20. Its effected him I feel and he's more limited than mbappe imo mbappe better in just about every department.

07 Jun 2017 13:37:47
I agree with that derby but at three times the price!

07 Jun 2017 13:38:38
G62, we should be able to match Juventus and Bayern as financially were are about the same size; its only in ambition that we act a lot smaller! I do disagree with the whole let's sign five players when one would do mentality though. We all lament over the lack of opportunity for our youth players, and then what, go and sign another 5 players who would push the likes of Rene-Adelaide and Maitland-Niles further down the line? I would rather we blew our transfer budget on just 1 or two players who would be game changers, and who would expect to be in the first 11 team each week. I would actually prefer us to then clear out a few of the established squad players to give more opportunity for our youngsters to participate in the first 11 squad, and more importantly to be retained so they can train and play for our club, rather than go out on loan to play in a lower league. We have among the best training facilities in the country, so i just don't understand why we send our youngsters to go play and train at a club with worse facilities, I mean, its not exactly worked well over the last few years has it! Saying that I also think it would be strange if we blew nearly 100m on an 18 year old when we don't keep and play our own 18 year old's. Perhaps we will sign Mbappe and then loan him out to Ipswich for 2 seasons!

07 Jun 2017 14:50:19
Epping, I'm with you. Buy in a couple of quality first teamers.

I do agree with gunner about not wantingto buy mbop, but don't think we're genuinely in for him right now anyway though- more likely told him hed love to have him but in his best interest to develop where he is.

With regard to payet, as an example, I don't think it was him not on our radar or us competing for players that other clubs want. AW said that he knew payet had talent but had not been at all consistent up until west ham and questions over profession and deemed it not worth the risk. Seems justified now.

I'd just really like the club to go all out for lacazette, tie down the ox and maybe bring in a quality defensive midfielder or winger/ attacking midfielder.

07 Jun 2017 15:59:21
Jim If Payet had had the 2015/ 16 season for us he had for West ham we'd have been champions that season, the point isn't actually about Kante and Payet as individuals it's about the type of signings wed have feared better chasing rather than chasing Higguain and Benzema rainbows.
As for youths Epping mate who was the last team to bring through a host of youth players and win the title? Look at Jack and Gibbs we've spent years waiting for them to become all we hoped they would be and Bentner too
We need to shop according to what we both are prepared to pay and who we can realistically attract
We don't need the very best players to be the best team we just need the right players who can do their job well in the system we play, unfortunately for us Poch and Spurs are doing just that and not wasting their time or worrying about who they can't attract just getting the best they can and getting the most out of them.

07 Jun 2017 17:06:24
I hear you sanogo mbappe price is very high. but it should be used as a statement stan should juat say arsene there you go thanks for staying. or if i'm wenger I want him stan bottles it i'm gone.

i Agree on lacazette i'd pay for 50mill and get it done iv wanted him in for past few seasons. not sure why we didn't push that one through.
most of the summer depends on whos staying who's going then we can plan.

I think 3 signings could well become 6 this summer not down to our own choice.

07 Jun 2017 17:53:51
We should already have our targets set out surely Derby and rather than wait for people to commit who havrnt already we should be deciding treating them as ex players mentally, we've had months to identify what we need and who can do the job we need them to do and the players we are waiting on have had that same time period to make their minds up too.
If we are playing 3 4 3 we need 4 full backs with good engines who can cross a ball well and who are prepared to work tirelessly up and down their wing, we need 5 CBs who are capable of working in a 3 man unit and who understand their and each others jobs and the system inside out, we need 4 disciplined CM who are capable of both breaking up play plus turning defense into attack who understand their roles in a 2 man partnership 100% then 5 pacey attacking players who to provide the final product as part of a 3 man attack.
Finding the players isn't the difficult but it's getting the best out of them where the art is.

07 Jun 2017 18:25:45
we will have targets but alexis staying or going surely changes things ospina goes etc.

07 Jun 2017 18:34:38
Personally if I was manager I would know the answer to wether he was staying or going by now because if he hadn't made his mind up by 1st of June I'd have made it up for him and anyone else who couldn't or wouldn't commit to the club 100% by then mate.

07 Jun 2017 21:57:24
I'm with you derby! But if the budget is 100m for example and it all goes on him I wouldn't be satisfied. But if that's possible and we buy two more quality players then that's a perfect summer.

07 Jun 2017 23:53:20
if the budget is 100mil we may aswel give up. I see players leaving who I don't know.



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