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04 Jun 2017 00:59:58
Can't believe Wenger didn't splash the cash and spend £50m on John Stones, and wasted £2m on Rob Holding from the championship bargain basement. £35m for Mustafi, £35m for Xhaka. what the hell? Idrissa Gueye was available for £7m and Williams for £10m. get Koeman in now! Wenger's lost it. Giroud's pony he's only scored 98 goals in 159 games, never worth £13m! Can't believe we only won 3 trophies in 4 seasons (5 if you count community shields) seriously!?!? . NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE footy for the first time in 17 years how dare football treat us like this! We've never won it, and been in the final once there is no way we shouldn't be competing in it! Come on Gooners seriously let's just let all this nonsense go. one thing as a club we like to pride ourself on is being a classy club, so let's show the class we have and get behind our great club, AND great manager. Let's bounce back as a united force and stop bickering between ourselves looking like spoiled kids and put the efforts towards shutting all the others up! COME ON YOU GOONERS!

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04 Jun 2017 08:13:44
Cant believe he signed perez over gabriel jesus. I hope we push on I really do. But if you are offering me two fa cups over the next two years and that's it il be disappointed. Wasnt enough for manu and imo after all these attempts wenger should of lifted it and said bye. But let's see I guess.
Holding for me looks great in a three not seen much in 4 at the back apart from liverpool game. I do like him tho.

04 Jun 2017 08:55:52
I agree with you POBC, after yesterdays final and the quality on display from both sides, and for those who did not see it allegri bottled it with his half time no change or the fact that they came out worse.

there is a lot going wrong at arsenal but we need to get behind the team and manager, i'm not going to debate anymore than that.

what has hit home is even if we manage to land mbappe and keep our stars we still don't have 11 players on the pitch of madrid or juventus stature, besides sanchez and maybe ozil which other player would have been in either of those two teams?

04 Jun 2017 10:16:30

Quick question, how many of Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Spurs or United players would you put in either of those two teams?

04 Jun 2017 10:29:21
Derby mate I'd be over the moon with two cups over the next two seasons of any sort ( ok not the charity Shield or Emirates trophy or whatever is called we host :-)
But either. League cup Europa league or FA cup would do me mate.
I'm not placing to much importance on the league for a bit because that only leads to disappointment and fault finding.
I have for years banged on about how I wanted us to challenge for not necessarily win but seriously challenge for the premier league and how we need to break the 80 points barrier to be contenders and where has that got me? Absolutely no where.
All it's done is stopped me enjoying other success as much as I could have because I've been so disappointed by our lack of competitiveness and appetit in the league, no more of that horribleness for me thank you :-)
If we finish 4th hip hip hooray
If we finish 7th I'm cool with that too
Even if we ended up out of Europe altogether by coming 8th or something silly ( I don't think it will happen but if it did) so what it would just mean less games the next season and a chance to concentrate on domestic competitions.
I really hope I'm wrong but I just can't see how we are going to go from the spending all of the last 10 seasons of apart from 1 finishing double figure points behind that seasons Champions to suddenly becoming a real force in one summer where the only major change is likely to be losing Sanchez and possibly Ozil too.
I'm not trying to be negative just honest with myself in a positive way as I possibly can without ignoring what I truly think.
With Arsenes new contract I have changed my outlook and rather than concentrate on what we can't or don't do I'm going to concentrate on enjoying all we can and do achieve much much more than I have allowed myself to in the past 3/ 4 seasons.
So we are highly unlikely to win the title and most probably even seriously contend for it next season? So what, 18 other clubs won't win it either most of which won't challenge either.
Newcastle and Everton are both very big clubs too and they won't be crying over finishing 10+ plus points behind the champions and winning a trophy and neither will I in future either.
Acceptance of what is rather than moaning about how it should be is my motto for the 2017/ 18 season.
We all have our own thoughts views and opinions and anyone who thinks we will the title next season because where Arsenal and they think that every season, good for you i hope your right this time round :-) I'm not prepared to start wearing those rose tinted specs just yet but for me at least it's time to shop crying over what we don't do and just enjoy the best bits again.

04 Jun 2017 12:16:43
stoner the answer would be 2-3 players but most of our players would not make their bench while chelsea, spurs, city would.

04 Jun 2017 14:45:12
Good post gunner. Horses for courses I guess. I just don't do anything to not win and I see the potential in the club we support. Imo if wenger can't deliver I title he should of stepped aside. But let's see what he does this summer etc. If we finish 7 there will be full on riots unless its with a europa league win.

04 Jun 2017 16:41:40
Derby I can't see the title going anywhere but to Chelsea City Utd or Spurs so I'd also expect those clubs to make up the top 4 next May.
Having said that 1 or may even 2 of them might fail to improve as much as I expect over the summer or just fail to deliver as I think they will which would leave the door open for us Liverpool and or Everton to gate crash top 4.
It's difficult to see all 4 coming up short at the same time but it did happen 2 seasons back when red hot favorites City and Chelsea both failed to show up allowing Leicester surprise the footballing world showing you can never absolutely way no way never to us or anyone else finishing above the 4 I expect to fight it out.
We could make some fantastic signings who all gel immediately taking us from also rans into contenders or we might not make any further signings at all but the current players and team have a totally mentality switch and fight like tigers for every ball in every game next season, ok I'm not expecting either to happen but if it does I won't be complaining that's for sure, mind you where ever we finish I won't be complaining :-) Especially if we get any of the cups.

04 Jun 2017 17:51:54
I just don't see how we have had 13 years going at the title and we now are not nearer to it. Baffles me and that I can't accept.

04 Jun 2017 18:08:29
I see your point Derby and it is disappointing but it is what it is and we can't change it mate.
The only thing we have any control over is ourselves mate and how we let it affect us.
If things don't change under Arsene (and it's not impossible even if unlikely) change will come at some point that's for sure be in 2 years or 10 years it will happen and until things turn out differently to how they have done for the last decade or so we can either laugh or cry about it, personally I'm sick of crying about it so I'm going to give the laughing thing another bash :-)

04 Jun 2017 19:04:37
Thanks Laker,

Guess you are probably right mate.

04 Jun 2017 19:38:13
62 tbh it used to annoy me a lot but now I just stay away or don't watch. If i'm in il switch on but don't cancel plans for it. The love will come back one day i'm sure. Maybe mbappe is that love lol.

04 Jun 2017 19:52:51
But Derby don't they say if you can't support me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best! Bit fair weather for me COYG.

04 Jun 2017 21:02:34
That's a bit harsh Suseex mate you can't blame people for not being as excited about the team as they used to be mate, is it the fans fualt or the clubs fault people are less passionate than they were?
You shouldn't rely ideffinately on people sticking around through loyalty and habit sooner or later you have to give them something to get excited about.
The Emirates can't hasn't and won't continued to attract a full house while not showing the ambition that gets people excited.

04 Jun 2017 23:37:50
Guess we will have to agree to disagree 62. Just can't imagine not trying to watch a game but then I was on the north bank watching in 70s and 80s so feeling spoiled these last 13 years :) Just a shame if you can't get excited as we have won 3 fa cups but all different I guess which is what the site is all about COYG.

05 Jun 2017 00:50:56
Sussex I play a lot of ball so rather play than watch as when i'm old I can watch all the games I want. Also uncle duties come into play etc. At the start missing games was horrible but you soon realise it isn't everything. But I hear your argument.

05 Jun 2017 10:28:52
Derby, you don't have to explain yourself. I don't like to see people using terms like fair weather or die hard or whatever, its all bow locks to me. We are all fans and some are more able to watch than others.



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