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28 May 2017 19:58:57
3 FA Cups in 4 years - #ya moaners ya

'At the moment of course, the ridiculous situation with the sort of pressure that Arsene's under. I just wonder, do they realise the job that Arsene's done?

The way I think, the most amazing thing about him is this; he's come through a forest of criticism for months now, and he's never bowed. He's seen it right through, he's shown a determination, a stubbornness. And I think when you look at that, that's a quality, these are qualities that I'm not sure they'll ever get someone with again.

So it's quite easy to say, 'ya, get rid of him. ' And what do you get? Who are they going to get that can keep that club the way they are and the way they've been for the last 20 years?

So, I really feel sorry for him because I think he's shown outstanding qualities in how he's handled the whole situation. And I don't if many could have done that. '

Moan we never win silverware - now moan that we don't win the league. Competing with money bags CFC, $ity plus Utd. Let's see what they spend in the summer. Plus Spurs and Pool. #god given rite to win the league my Arse.

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28 May 2017 20:21:53
It's all down to perception SY mate, some of us see Arsenal as a huge club and look at the things we don't achieve while others look at Arsene and make the most of what he does achieve.

Some of us remember the trip of a life and are forever grateful and are satisfied with it, while others are grateful for the memories but I want more of the same and are happy to let go of the past to achieve it.
We all see things differently and have different and have a different senses​ of loyalty v ambition, thankfully because life would be dull if we didn't have :-)

28 May 2017 20:33:45
62 - I am ambitious but if we win the league we will have slightly over achieved. Give Wenger or the next manager 300 to 490m to compete then let's see

Give him a third of the budget year on year and then see what we achieve

We shouldn't turn out noses up at 3 trophies.

28 May 2017 20:33:49
What's your point? Lol.

Good post SY4 mate.

{Ed033's Note - 👍

28 May 2017 20:49:20
Depends on how you look at things.

Is 5th and an FA Cup win a good season?

The likes of Barca, Madrid and Bayern would probably be sacking their manager this morning.

28 May 2017 21:28:31
We aren't Barca, Munich etc - let's get real

We also have 6 clubs capable of winning the league and so very demanding league

If we had Barca's midfield and attack - think we would do ok.

28 May 2017 21:29:39
Look the fact of the matter is that if Wenger never came then we would be over the moon with the past three years. Wenger has made a rod for his own back and we have seen nobody clubs like city and Chelsea take the stage and it hurts. I think it's time to move on because wether it's this year next year or the one after Wenger is going to leave. If you were to ask me what my favourite outcome would be it would be Wenger staying and we win the league and the man can go out as a winner and that's what the club would benefit from. The debate needs putting to bed and we need to get behind the club because things to some extent are out of our hands.

28 May 2017 21:44:52
That's exactly the point Dags, do we associate ourselves with Barcelona Real Bayern? No. Chelsea or City? No
Spurs? Not anymore they have wether we like it or not moved ahead of us.
What about Utd? Currently but which club will have the better summer? Which one will buy the players that improve thier team the most regardless of spend Utd or Arsenal, if both Jose and Arsene had £200,000 million to spend which one would spend it best and get the best out the players they bought,
If you chose Arsene you are
An extremely loyal person who would rather go down on a sinking ship that give up on a captain who has been good to you in the past.
If you chose Jose
You are a survivor who will choose the ship you think gives them the best chance of ever seeing dry land again.

28 May 2017 22:22:58
Sy who are the six because we aren't one of them. We don't do league challenges.

28 May 2017 22:30:19
Think you summed it up perfectly Sanogo.

28 May 2017 22:51:39
Spot on G62.

28 May 2017 23:57:45
62 United did give Jose a shed load of money and they're still utter shizzle.

28 May 2017 23:40:43
Sy you bring the same debate to the site week after week and you get the same answers. he's not achieving anywhere near what was promised to the fans and he's not giving us a title challenge for years and years, that's not good enough for the size of this club.

29 May 2017 00:21:19
Stoner its a good job you are not a united fan, you'd get more stick than me. Two cups and champions league in first season and shizzle. I do agree though, they are shizzle. Lol.

29 May 2017 02:59:06
No dags I wouldn't say completely spot on what 62 said, maybe not bayern real or barca. But you tell we are far behind city Chelsea and god forbid spurs. Nah mate, maybe this season hasn't been great, there is so much blame on our supporters as much ad there is on arsne and the players.

29 May 2017 11:35:32
Iam sure we challenged fornthe league last year?



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